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B-1 Visa for attending conference ?

Discussion in 'Physicians' started by medicogal, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. medicogal

    medicogal New Member

    I am a MBBS doctor, also holding a M.Tech degree from IIT in genetics. Currently I am employed at a small organization as a general practitioner. I am pursuing my research interest as I want to study medical genetics. I am also preparing for USMLE. I have registered myself for a genetics conference at US but I will not be presenting a paper or poster.

    This conference is going to last for 5 days. I am thinking to apply for US Visa under B-1 category.

    I want to know what are the chances for me get a visa for conference as I am not actively participating. what are the required documents?

    If my visa get rejected, is this going to affect me when I will going for visa interview for step 2 CS exam? I am too confused about going for visa interview for conference. This will be my first visit to Delhi consulate. please help.........

    Thanks in advance
  2. hadron

    hadron Registered Users (C)

    A B1 would be the correct visa to attend a conference. Check out their website. Often they have a link with an 'invitation letter' pointing out what the conference is about and how long it is going to last. You don't have to present at a conference in order to get a visa. Attending a conference is an entirely valid 'business reason' to come to the US.

    Just please, please, don't do one thing: Come for the conference and then stay for 6 months to interview for residency positions. The goverment doesn't take kindly to these kind of stories.

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