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Any good immigration lawyer in Atlanta Area?

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by atlantabhopali, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. atlantabhopali

    atlantabhopali Registered Users (C)

    I need help with my AC-21 case. Would appreciate any recommendations for lawyers in Atlanta area that have experience with AC-21.


  2. antonchekhov

    antonchekhov Member

    Try Kapoor & Associates (kapoorlaw.com)
  3. jax_485

    jax_485 Registered Users (C)

    Why do we need lawyer for AC21 case? Do we need to documentation after we change job. I changed the job after 180 days.
  4. atlantabhopali

    atlantabhopali Registered Users (C)

    jax_485: Need to inform BCIS about job change with similar duties and answer RFEs under AC-21. Especially after Aug 13th memo, it is a must to inform them. I prefer to use a lawyer to do the same.

    Any lawyers other than kapoorassociates?


  5. Samir K Das

    Samir K Das Registered Users (C)

    Contact me privately awith a phone number and we can talk.
  6. leeya

    leeya Registered Users (C)

    I do not think you need inform INS. It is only needed when you get a RFE. My lawyer told me that if you send anything right now, it will be lost in the jungle.
  7. longGC

    longGC Registered Users (C)

    You do not need lawyer for AC21 unless your case is screwed up. If it does, call Romy Kapoor.
  8. atlantabhopali

    atlantabhopali Registered Users (C)

    Samir - thanks for your reply, i sent u a PM

    leeya - what ur lawyer recommended "was" the preferred option before BCIS Aug 13th memo. However, after the Aug 13th memo, it is best to inform BCIS proactively. It says that if your sponsoring employer requests cancelation of ur 140, BCIS would not issue RFE but a NOID (notice of intent to deny) and u would have only 30 days to respond. Furthermore, the memo states at a few places that the BCIS expects applicant to inform them of a change. Search the immigrationportal for posts related to Aug 13th BCIS memo for details (especially in AC-21 forum)


  9. khush

    khush Registered Users (C)

    Try Ken Levine at Dale Schwartz & Associates. They are the best.


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