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After 485 is approved, what next ?

Discussion in 'General I-485 and Related Issues' started by outletvolt1, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. outletvolt1

    outletvolt1 Registered Users (C)


    Once 485 is approved what next ? I see people talking about

    1) I-485 interview, what is this for ?
    2) Biometrics appointment, what is this ?
    3) Passport stamping
    4) Ordering plastic cards.

    can someone please comment on 1) or 2) atleast please ? Is this procedure
    documented somewhere ?
  2. mozaffar421

    mozaffar421 Registered Users (C)

    Did you get the hard copy of your 485 approval notice? Just follow the instructions according to the contents of the letter. Most probably they will ask you to wait for Biometrics notice (separate notice). By the way from which service center you are?
  3. hkky

    hkky Registered Users (C)

    you can make an appointment for passport stamping and biometrics once you have the approval notice on hand through infopass. My approval notice instructed me to call a number and when I called the first available opening is Nov 2. I was not happy with that so I tried infopass and I was able to make an appointment the next day. It only 10 minutes to complete the whole deal, no waiting. That was in Charleston, SC.
  4. outletvolt1

    outletvolt1 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks Mozaffar421 and hkky.

    Here is a bit of a history:

    My 485 is being processed California Service Center. It was filed on July 29th
    2004. I did first FP on 25th September 2004 and results recvd by USCIS on
    2nd October 2004.

    Then I was waiting for a name check clearance, which is cleared and results
    were sent to USCISC on 15th August 2005.

    As soon as I heard about retrogression news, I emailed CSC-XII.485 and
    asked them to expedite my case considering name check results were
    available. I immediately got response saying "let me try". Then next morning
    I got another email from CSC saying that they will "process" the case within
    a week's time frame. Ok, great.

    Now I am just concerned that my case should not be delayed because
    I don't have 2nd FP done. I have heard that FP results expire after 15 months
    and fortunately it has been less than 12 months since we did 1st FP. Also
    I read that 2nd FP may not always be done.

    Should I be worried about doing 2nd FP at this stage ? Because of retrogression I have only till 30th September to do 2nd FP and make
    results available to USCIS.

    Luckily, LUD on 485 has changed 3 times so far and I am hoping that
    they are indeed processing the application within a week's timeframe.

    But I just want to be sure ... I really have less time remaining.

    Your comments are appreciated
  5. qwerty1111

    qwerty1111 Registered Users (C)

    Go outletvolt1 !!

    Wish you the best. I dont want to hurt your case at this fragile moment with some wrong advice - but I combed through the forums and it seems that in many cases these FP notices are sent only after 485 approval. All you need it that 485 approval. Cards can (and will) follow afterwords. Certainly to be 100% sure ask your lawyer or any good lawyer.

    Now need a favor from you - how did you find out that your name check got cleared ? Did you send a mail to CSC.XII.485 or FBI ? Will be great if you can cut paste the request.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. outletvolt1

    outletvolt1 Registered Users (C)

    Approved !!

    Sweet mother mary ! I just got two emails (for me and for her :) that
    our 485s are approved.

    Thanks for proactively doing research for me ! appreciate it.

    You need help on name check ? Send me email at outletvolt1@yahoo.com
    before that search for all my messages in last month or so, i've blabbered
    around enough to give you some idea.

    I got to know this from FBI that it is pending, but trust me that was a long
    route to know it. In your case, we can find this out through congressperson.

    Send me that mail already, willya ?
  7. cheng16e

    cheng16e Registered Users (C)

    i-485 approved

    My i485 was approved. I have not received the approval notice yet.

    I did fingerprint twice , but both time are just code 1 , no photo, no biometric.

    I am wondering if vermont center will send me an appointment notice do biometric and photo?

    Will Infopass help me in anyway to receive the GC faster or able to travel abord?

  8. crystalview

    crystalview Registered Users (C)

    To HKKY


    I wonder if your approval notice has the following message ? and have your got your physical GC card yet ?

    In processing your case we have reached the point where we need to make an appointment to go to one of our ASC to have some additional biometrics (fingerprint, photo and signature) taken.

    call customer service at 800.375.5283 to schedule your appointment.
    We cannot complete certain steps in processing until you appear for this appointment. you must appear for your appointment within 84 days from the date of this notice.

    What to bring to your appointment:

    youmust bring this letter and photo identification to your appointment.
    Acceptable kind of photo identifications are:

    A passport or national photo identification issued by your country.
    A driver's license.
    A military photo identification, or
    A state issued photo identification card.
    ************************************************** ***
  9. may0503

    may0503 Registered Users (C)

    Is there any phone number or email for NSC.


    Is there any email address or phone number where we can request to expedite our I-485 application that is filed with NSC.

    Please update with the details.


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