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advantage of getting canadian PR?

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by anonymous12, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. anonymous12

    anonymous12 Registered Users (C)

    I know many people who are here in USA on H1b and they have either started their green card process or want to do it in the near future. But most of them have applied for Canadian PR or already got one.

    Q. What is the advantage of getting Canadian PR when you don’t want to live in Canada? How long your Canadian PR is valid if you are living in USA? Do you have to visit each year? Does any one know how long it is taking these days to get Canadian landing papers?

  2. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)

    Q. What is the advantage of getting Canadian PR when you don’t want to live in Canada?

    --- Some hope that if they are laid of from US job the can go to Canada but this feeling has changed as no IT jobs in Canada
    Some plan to sponsor spouse or mother father that is not easy in US and takes long time.
    Those who came to US at IT boom time and earned good may start a business in Canada if they can not get US Green Card as it has become very difficult as DOL is not processing the LC the first step of GC, LC is almost stopped in many US states and is not moving since 2001.
    Some have just filed Canada immigration long back so they get Landing paper and land in Canada and return back to US and nothing to loose by getting Canada PR as they have already paid the fees. They can remain out of Canada for 3 years out of 5 years to maintain the Canada PR and hope if Canada economy picks up they can again come back to Canada.
    Those who don’t have job in US or could not find IT job in Canada are going back to India or doing labor jobs to survive and waiting that one day they will get job in IT field, they feel much secure in Canada and are not working like a slave on H1B and feeling insecure everyday, health programmer of Canada is much better than US, you can find many Indians in Canada you don’t feel out of place
    Those who are coming on family immigration they are mostly from Gujarat and North India they are doing labor jobs and are happy in Canada as they could not find any job in India

    How long your Canadian PR is valid if you are living in USA?
    -----You can stay 3 years out of Canada in any 5 years to maintain Canada PR status

    Do you have to visit each year?

    Not necessary, but if you wish you can go to Canada any time till you have valid PR status.
    Does any one know how long it is taking these days to get Canadian landing papers?
    --- Depend on the Canada consulate where your file is submitted and if you qualify .If you are at present residing in US and feel that you will be in US for 10-15 months you can apply to Buffalo, every case is different so not easy to predict how much time it will take now, if you have no job security in US better not to apply from US because if lay off then you need to come for interview in US if they want interview and passport stamp, according to new law it is up to them if they agree to transfer the file to your home country and if they transfer it will start from the scratch , will be treated as new case and will get processed according to particular visa post
    --- New Delhi India is taking about 18 –24 months

    I hope others will also post to your questions then make up your mind if you still want to apply for Canada, every one has different reason for coming to Canada
  3. anonymous12

    anonymous12 Registered Users (C)

    canada immigration

    Thanks a lot folks. It was very helpful. I am in the health care field but any way it does not hurt to apply to Canada PR as a back up.

    One more question. I have heard many people apply through lawyers. What a lawyer could do? Can they speed up the processing time? Or increase the chances of PR application acceptance.

    I have read the process on official Canadian immigration website and it is pretty much straight forward. My all work experience is here in USA in the Medical research at very best places in USA. I have publications, awards, grants and good recommendation letters from USA and Europe. But still I am getting short of few points. Only way I could fill the gap if I show that I know French language (honestly I only know few sentences of French). Does any one has some suggestions What could I do? Or just mention that I can speak and understand French little bit.
  4. anonymous12

    anonymous12 Registered Users (C)


    Thanks a lot folkss.

    2 questions.

    I have 3 years of post graduate basic sciences research experience in USA after my graduation. But I also did research (part time) during my medical school and for that research I have a paper in the international Journal, meeting presentation and I got awards (best presentation award, travel awards. These all are peer reviewed and competitive award and I do have documentation and exact ranking) for the quality of my research.

    Q1. can I use this medical school experience to get extra points (since with 4 year or more experience I will get more points)

    Q2. With French I am getting only 69 points. What do people think would they accept my application with these points or they will just reject my application just after looking at points.
  5. anonymous12

    anonymous12 Registered Users (C)

    Sorry there was a mistake in my earlier post.

    Without French language I am getting 69 points. Does any one has luck getting application approved under the new system under the new point system.

  6. bagchi Moloy

    bagchi Moloy Registered Users (C)

    my$0.2 cents

    When I saw this thread, I couldn’t wait any longer to post my side of $0.2 cents, as I believe that any comments from somebody who went through the whole process will help others to decide their right course of action.

    I lived in USA for 10 years (92-2002) and educate myself there worked in various companies and paid money to process green card (mean to say: I did the whole 9 yards) and now I am in Canada doing odd jobs (actually now I have no job. I lost it few days ago.) and here what I feel about Canada and US.

    1) Decide what you want to do, if you want to go back to your county of origin and you are in USA just to earn/save money, then don’t apply/waste money for any PR stuff. But if you are in H1, and have no intention like that, apply for your Canadian PR. It will save you from lots of grief in case you loose your H1 status. (I like Ray's comment about NAFTA and you, that is funny). Remember if you are out of status for over 6 months, you may not be able to get into USA for long time. (I think it is 10 years)

    2) Of course everybody (professionals like us and their spouses) likes living in USA (my wife, who was on H4, had really hard time leaving California when we were coming to Canada), because of level of opportunities. But under current circumstances, you are never comfortable with H1, and now, if you loose job, I don't have to tell anybody that what would be the consequences. The rules and regulations in USA are changing and people with temporary status are finding themselves in different types unwanted troubles.

    3) The biggest relief I have right now is nobody can throw me out of Canada (which was the biggest fear of mine when I was in USA). Although I have no jobs right now, my family’s health is covered (mostly). Whenever I take my son to doctor for his immunization, no charge and the quality of treatment is superb. But job wise this is not a good place at all. You can get basic jobs but if you look for more (the way we used to in USA), you may be frustrated. Canadian economy is totally driven by US economy (over 80% export), so if US economy is down ….I think you can get the picture. On the top of that it is not very open for foreign educated professional like USA. It is a great country which will cover your basic needs but if you have a big ambition for yourself, get PR here and eventually citizenship and at right moment cross the border with less painful work visa (TN) and achieve your dream.

    I will conclude my comments with a very old saying, which according to me, best describe the difference between USA and Canada. The saying is “The KING is respected in his own territory, but ERUDITES are respected everywhere”. It is what USA stands for (at least when I was there that was the motto of USA), but in Canada, saying goes like The KING is respected in his own territory, so does ERUDITE”.

    Thank you.

  7. ginnu

    ginnu Registered Users (C)


    For anonymous12

    "I have publications, awards, grants and good recommendation letters from USA and Europe"

    I read your above statement and I feel that if you have above qualifications why don’t you try to file for EB1 (extraordinary ability) US Green Card and for EB1 no sponsor is needed in certain categories, you can at the same time apply for NIW.
    Every lawyer is not expert in extraordinary ability green Card cases, you should talk to some immigration lawyer in US who deals with EB1 and NIW cases
    You can search the www.google.com and you can find many lawyer sites that deal with EB1 cases , you have other option of getting O1 visa that is also for extraordinary ability (no limit of 6 years) but you need sponsor for that, I hope you qualify for O-1 visa and EB1 both
    Talk to some good lawyer and if you qualify file your I-140 immediately both in EB1 and NIW.
    please visit the lawyer sites who deal with EB1:

    http://www.imminfo.com/FAQ/FAQ extraordinary ability.html
    http://lawcrawler.findlaw.com/cgi-bin/lc.pl?sites=all&entry=Extraordinary ability Arts&start=50

    You can also take the services of Sheela Murthy . www.murthy.com I don’t know if she deals with EB1 or NIW ( National interest waiver) cases. Talk to Rajiv Khanna

    I hope the immigration portal has a thread for EB1 or extraordinary ability cases search that also

    I know about a lady who got National Film award in India for a Documentary film and was sitting home on H4 no work visa as her husband was on H1B, she applied for EB1 with 4-5 support letters and some news paper clippings from Indian news papers and her EB1 was approved and she got GC recently (for Arts or motion picture and television art it is less rigorous than Health care) but not impossible all depends on how a good lawyer presents the required evidence and argues the case to INS.

    For Canada immigration it is simple you can fill up the forms
    Good Luck!!
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  8. anonymous12

    anonymous12 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks ginnu for your comments. Actually I am in the process of applying for USA immigration as well. I want to apply Canadian PR for back up purposes.

    Does any one has luck getting Canadian PR application approved with less than 75 points. I am getting 71 points under this new system. When you send your application for Canadian Immigration, do you send with points do you get or more is better. I would really appreciate any input from any of you people.

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