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Address Change After Naturalization

Discussion in 'Life After Citizenship' started by Subaru41, May 11, 2016.

  1. Subaru41

    Subaru41 New Member

    My wife and I have lived at the same address between 2007-2015. She became a US citizen in Dec, 2009. We recently moved at the end of 2015. I have two questions.

    1. Do we need to notify USCIS of address change?

    2. The same day my wife received her Certificate of Naturalization, she filed a Petition for Name Change to add a second middle name. The form has our old address on it and it is a certified form. Do we need to update the address or notify anyone about our new address?

  2. asamal

    asamal New Member

    I don't think you need to notify USCIS of address change unless your application is pending with them.
    You need to notify USCIS of address change only if you or wife's application is being processed by them.
    Once application is processed, you don't need to inform them.
  3. cafeconleche

    cafeconleche Registered Users (C)

    If you're not a citizen, then you need to update your address with CIS.

    Why didn't your wife do the name change concurrently with the N400 application?
  4. Guriix

    Guriix Registered Users (C)

    For the sake of the pending petition for name change I would update the address with USCIS. I did my name change at the naturalization ceremony.

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