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2 questions Please help

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Sushma123, May 29, 2002.

  1. Sushma123

    Sushma123 Registered Users (C)

    I came here in 1999 January on GC. My husband was also a GC holder at that time. He became citizen in June 1999.
    My question is "Can I apply for citizenship in January 2002" since there is a requirement of 3 years for spouse of a citizen or do i need to wait till June 2002 ( as my husband became citizen in June 1999)

    Second q:
    I went to canada a year back for a month. DO I need to specify even that trip in the N-400 application ( where it asks about the trips outside US)
  2. mvc4

    mvc4 Registered Users (C)


    I will try to answer your questions but I am neither an expert nor an attorney...

    1. You can file your N-400 after you have been married for a U.S. citizen for 3 years. Since your husband was not a U.S. citizen in the first few months of the marriage, you should start counting from the time he became a U.S. citizen (June\'99). However, the INS gives you an option to file 90 days before that - so, you will be eligible to file some time in March\'02/April\'02.

    2. On your N-400, you have to disclose all trips outside of the U.S., including trips to Canada. This is explicitly stated in the Instructions that accompany the application.

    Hope this helps...
  3. tallboy

    tallboy Registered Users (C)


    When applying for N-400 Does the exact date the spouse took citizenship should
    mention or the month and year is enough?
    What are the documents should be send with the form? only the fees of $250 or
    anything else?

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