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Pls can you assist me.
I received RFE on my EB1A. 1. evidence of the beneficiary's receipt of lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes 2. Documentation of the beneficiary's membership in associations in the field for which classification is sought. The officer said I met a. judge of the work of others and scholarly articles. I appreciate your help. Thank you for your kind assistance
Hi Binkansas,

Just had the same experience you dealt with right now. I forgot to sign my check as well adn praying it's not going to be rejected. Any other tips are welcome i'm frustrated and stressed Help me out
Hi - noticed that your Mother recently went to the Mumbai consulate for a green card interview. My Mom has a similar interview soon too. I think we're well prepared with documentation, etc. and I may be a little paranoid (we have less than 15 days between notice of appointment and interview date, and that includes Xmas break!) but can you share what type of interview questions they asked your Mom? Many thanks!
could you plz tell me how much time for interview taken by nvc after confirmation approved thanks
Hi, I am in similar situation, I hold a bachelors degree and working as Business Analyst for more than 7 years now (on contract here in Canada). Were you able to successfully get TN visa under Management Consultant category with BA job description? Which POE did you go to? Could you please let me know. Thanks,
Hello, I had to get a letter from police to go with court doc , the issue is they have responded by email with a signed letter. I's this sufficient to be looked at as an original document so I can copy and be certified?
Hi Nelsona,
I just received a full-time job offer in a US Management Pharmaceutical company as an analyst. I have a bachelor degree in Science with honors in biomedical science and have 8 years of experience as a data analyst. The company is not willing to apply for me and are asking me to do it myself. I was wondering if I should apply under Computer System Analyst or Management Consultant. Thank you
HI Nelsona, I have posted a thread with questions regarding Mgt consultant category. I would appreciate if you can help answer some of the questions.

Hello Deepa, I have a question for the ongoing conference. I'm a naturalized citizen. I applied for I130 for my parents and it got denied due to an issue with my birth certificate. My parents have 10 yr multiple entry visa still valid till 2026. Now, can they travel to US as visitor? will they be denied entry on port of entry?
I have completed 3yrs diploma in civil engineering course and in would like to know the category at which it falls in dv2021 ?
Hi, I read your post that was 8 yrs old about registering to vote.
I am in a similar situation.
I registered to vote, deregistered 11 years ago and I am terrified to apply for citizenship.
The person helping me fill out the form checked the box stating I was a US citizen.
Hi Kanuk, I am always curious about how ppl manage to renew their TN for more than ten years. Did you renew at the border or through USCIS? Any difficulties during later years? I will be choosing between CSA or Software Engineer. I have CS Masters degree, and taken software engineering courses.
You said something about 12 week of waiting for J-1 AP back in 2008. I wanted to know how accurate is what you said. Because I’m in my 11th week and about to call it a day. Is there any hope still. I don’t even know if you’d see this.
I’m very desperate
Good afternoon, Can you tell me how to get in contact with a moderator on here to make a complaint please?
Hi, me and my family is eligible to apply for citizenship, but my son will turns 18 on July 07,2019. Should I file N400 for me and my spouse only before July 7, and upon my citizenship apply N600 for my son (can I do that) OR wait for few more days and file N400 for all of us.
Your son is going to have to apply for N400 separately if over 18.
Hi I am a new member and wanted to make a post (new thread) but it is being rejected as spam. Is there anything I need to do ?