Zero tolerance policy


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Although it has not been made a federal register entry, the "zero tolerance policy" (not even tolerating a few minor immigration infractions like out of status for few days etc.) has been brought to an end.
However it is still at the discretion of the examiner. But definitely the RFEs will start to come down and may be wimpish responses to such RFEs (hopefully) will be tolerated...
Zero Tolerance

Have you heard about BCIS being more tolerant about filing deadlines this month due to Hurricane Isabel. I've heard verbally through a colleague but cannot find anything online about it.
Need help for H1-B visa stamping..

I came US on L2 visa that is valid till '15 Aug. 2005', I-94 valid till 15 Aug. 2005.

I applied for H1B visa. I got my approval on 25 Jan. 2005. But i didn't get I-94 with my H1-B approval. In my approval notice Consulate is 'Chennai' mentioned for stamping.

1. Can i still go to Canada to get it stamped?
2. I heard that even H1-B can cancelled during the stamping is it true? What may be case for cancellation? if yes then, In the worst case can i re-enter in US on my L2-visa, I-94.
3. Why I didn’t get my I-94 status on my H1-B approval notice? Is there any specific reason for that?
4. I don’t have any salary slip. Do I need carry salary slip to show for Stamping?


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WIll I be considered as out of status ? Please help !!

My last companies Visa/I-94 was expiriing on June15th, 2005. ANother company filed my H1 and receipt came with the date of June2, 2005. I starting working for new company based on filing receipt on June9th. Yesterday H1 approval notice came which has validity dated starting from July 13 to Sept. 2006. It also did not have any I-94 attached with it.
My questions are:

1.Will I be considered out of status from June16th to July12th ? It was filed before expiry of last one.
2. My old I-94 got expired and they did not send a new one as an attachment to the approval notice, like they did before. So, again is this a problem ?

Please help


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did you receive a letter stating why you did not received the I94. my lawyar said that i should go home and get a visa stamp in my passport and on the way back i will get the new I94.

my case is staneg because i have the a letter sating that my change of status was not approved but they still send my the new I94 and still under these conditions he told me to be on the safe side go home and get a visa and a new i94 on the way back.

hope it helps.
Employer not paying dues !

I am on H1-B for some time and work on contract projects across the country. My employer gets the money from the end-client via the time-sheets but doesn't pay me my share. What can be done in this case? I dont know if anybody else has gone through similar ordeal with desi companies.

Awaiting a response,


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You need not worry.. Just call up the Dept of Labor and give them this information and your payment will be taken care of. they will keep your name confidential 100% and provide you advise.
Go to the specific dept of labor in which state you are working. They even call up the employer and ask them to pay if required.

Being Harrased by my past employer!

Being Harrased by my past employer!
My past employer is a desi company who doesn't pay consultants on time. Recently one of the employees threatened to sue the company and the CEO wants me involved as I was involved in hiring individuals and placing them. Am I liable or do I need to get involved???
HIB visa stamping in toronto

I have my visa stamping appointment in july 10th,2006
can anyone please tell me about their experince recently. i am canadian landing immigrant and need to come back to US please advise if they give u the stamping visa on the same day. do they ask you lot of questions and do they go through all your papers.

Please advise someone.
H1 B visa

I stop working at a company that sponsered me for my Green Card can I take my H1 B visa and the time that remained to get my greencard to a new company?
I have filed for H1B. I had a problem in past, because of financial issues I was working outside the university (I was on F1) and I got a ticket for selling alcohol to minor(2002). I was ticketed for miscalculating the age(misdemeanor). I was just fined by court. Would it result in denial of H1B to me? Some one please help.


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EB2 category

Hello forum,

Could you tell me if EB2 category must have masters degree or if bachelors and 6 years of experience is enough?

Thank you,
H1B Port of entry issues with date of entry


I had attended H1B visa stamping interview on with a client letter and letter from employee stating that the start date of my project is DateX. I am currently working with another company in India and i need to give a notice period of 3 months to resign from this job. For the same reason,
Q1) Can I enter US on a date after DateX that is indicated as my project start date or will I be rejected at the port of entry?
Q2) If after entering US, I start working with a different client under the same employer, will that be a problem later during my greencard processing?

Thanks in advance for your advise.