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Hello everyone !
Just to let you know i am one of those who wait a long time and still nothing, i am under deportation proceedings and in courts for about 4 years now. Recently had a master hearing with IJ. After that my lawyer filed some kind of form with INS to defense from removal, anyway, I got a notice of action that looks just like the one you get when you file for Employment Authorization, but instead of a LIN #, there is a ZDF#
Does anyone know what that means?
I checked status online but computer doesn't recognize what ZDF means.
Anyway, I even had to go and do biometrics!!!
Because and that notice of action ( I-797C) it says further background and identity checks are required to process your application!
Thanks for ur answers.
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Can be be ZSF? Usually Z means an asylum office. ZMI is the Miami Asylum Office and ZSF is the San Francisco Asylum Office.

The receipt itself should tell you which application it pertains to. Does it say I-589?


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Yes, that's what it says, one of the lines says ... USCIS received a copy of I-589 filed in defense of removal from US...
And it does say ZDF!
Anyway, what that application means?
What's gonna happen if they approve or decline it?
What USCIS got to do with the case that is already in jurisdiction of Immigration Court???
:confused: Very confusing!!!
Michail i have same problem like you i have pending asylum i589 and my receipt number start with zdf and when i put it in my computer they say it's invalid receipt number also i checked on internet there is no zdf asylum office on internet i don't know what's happening
My case is also in immigration court waiting for individual hearing and I got biometric with zdf receipt.pls reply if you got answer to your question cos i am in the same situation as yours