Wrong dates on EAD Card - ghee/others what to do?


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Hi all,

BCIS, living upto its reputation, printed the 03/2003 to 03/2004 dates on my renewed EAD card, instead of the 03/2004 to 03/2005 dates that I had requested. Customer (dis)Service Center says - send it back to NSC and they would fix it and send u the new card.

What is the best option? Anybody had any luck with such corrections - thru NSC/local office? Any good contacting the congressman/senators? I remember gheewalabhai888 had a similar issue... I have till 1st week march on my current EAD..

appreciate ur inputs

I had similar situation and I sent the card back to NSC. But it took 6 months to get the new card back. Once you sent it, you won't be able to follow up. I suggest you to NOT to send the card back to NSC. You may want to goto the local center and ask their opinion.


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Info from Local Office

Finally, I decided to kill a day and visit the local office. The officer that I met with explained the following:

(a) They cannot issue interim EAD as the EAD petition has been approved

(b) I have to send the card back to NSC for correcting the error.

(c) I **can** continue working while NSC fixes the error, and it would **not** be considered unauthorized employment. I double confirmed this and she assured that as it is a service center mistake to put wrong renewal dates on my card, they cannot hold it against me. I asked if she could provide that in writing to which she refused (no such policy). Nonetheless, I jotted down her name and date/time of my inquiry with her for future reference if required.

In light of the information, I am going to send the EAD card back to NSC with a cover letter and something like "EAD CARD - WRONG RENEWAL DATES" on the envelope, and let them take their sweet little time in fixing without worrying about it. Am making color copies before sending it.

would keep the board posted.

ps: Wife's card came in mail today with start date 1 day after the previous card's expiry date.


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Write out side the envelope" USCIS MISTAKE -EAD CARD - WRONG RENEWAL DATES, Please correct”
Write in the cover letter with your name, DOB and A# send the EAD filing receipt copy also, send it be certified mail return receipt


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I had sent my EAD Card for correction in Jan and received the new card this week. The new card has the correct dates, starting right from Expiry date of my previous card.

I am graduating on may 16, 2020 and Applied for an opt card with start date - July 10, 2020 . But my approval notice says that my start date is from May 10, 2020. This date is even before my graduation date. Can you please update on what needs to be done and how you handled the issue. I have not received the card yet. I also had a typo of address on the approval notice and the EAD card was sent back to USCIS by USPS. My address and start dates are wrong on the approval notice. I have been struggling from April 15 Th for my EAD card to be sent back by USPS to USCIS . My card has been returned to USCIS and now it might take a 2 to 3 weeks to receive my card to correct address. After I receive the card I still will be left with a card with incorrect dates on it. Please help with this situation. Please let me know if I can get my dates changed before they resend my card. How long did it take for you? I have an offer starting from July 20th and I desperately need the card. Kindly please help.