Written Decision Mailed (I-140)

The phone system today is saying that a written decision has been mailed to me for my I-140 case. Can some explain what it means ? rejection or approval or RFE


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me too..

I got the same message yesterday.. I was told that this means 99% rejected. Let me know what the written notice says.. I will do the same once I get it..


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I am in the same situation

Can anybody who got approved share what you heard from the automated system? Please anybody share if ever heard something like "you case has been approved and ...." Thanks

Jim Mills

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I have never seen this message mean anything other than a denial or maybe a letter of intent to deny.

Good luck.


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What type of category did you filed for

Did you have filed for EB3 or for the EB2.And type of degree did you have and on what basis did they have rejected.



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Hi, To all that are related to this: I know someone got letter from Nebraska center whose case was transferred from Texas to Nebraska. The letter asked for one piece of document that is only held by Texas from the company. The company can not do anything and was only given one chance to reply. Does anyone else have such situation?