Working on H1b having contract in India

I am working on H1b and looking for change to some other employer (New petition is already approved). I had signed 2 years contract with my old compnay in india says that if I leave company with in 2 years I need to pay some x amount to company.
Do I really need to pay that amount? Can company do any harm in US or India related to that contract? If my new company file green card then any complication from old company if any inquiry go to old company as I know they are going to give bad feedback?


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If you signed a contract, you are required to honor the terms of the contract. They may not be able to enforce the contract in the US but might harass you/your family in India.
Thanks for quick reply , Actually while transition form india to USA they haven't paid alot of india salary components and that is the only reason I am also not willing to pay the contract amount. I am fine to pay whatever visa fees they paid to get me here but not a big contract amount.
If they do any legal activity in india , will that affect US visa issues?


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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this
But the main issue is that you signed contract. So, if in contract written what you said the you have to do what they want because they have legal prove that they told you at the meeting that you have to signed this kind of contract.
Yes they harm your entire career because that particular contract that you signed

As per me, its a big trap created by company or we can say they want there employee stay as they wanted.

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