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I have a few questions I would like to ask about working as a part time model/actress on an H1B visa:

1. I am currently holding a H1B visa working as a full time software engineer. My company has already started my GC process. From other posts, I have understood that I can work a second job as long as i get the correct work authorisations. Is this correct?

2. I am currently signed with a Talent Agency. Would they need to sponsor my second H1 in order for me to work and get paid?

3. Is it possible that someone else in my family (also holding H1B visa) can start a Talent Ageny Company, and then hire me and sponsor my H1?

3a. If a family member can start a Talent company, then do they need to have a US Citizen or Perm. Resident operate the business or can I head the business? Basically, can another H1B person start a company, and be a passive investor and hire a H1B to head the company?

3b. Is there a minimum financial requirement for the company in order to sponsor a H1 person. For example in my case, if a family member does start the business, do they need to show a certain bank balance to be able to sponsor my H1?



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Firstly, thanks for responding.

A business owner could of course install a CEO who has work authorization.
From your response to question 3a, does the CEO need to have work authorisation prior to being appointed? Basically do they need to be a US citizen or Permanent Resident, or can the company owner hire a person as the CEO and apply for that persons H1 to work as the CEO?

The company would have to convince DOL that it can pay the salary.
From your response to question 3b, what are the minimum salary requirements? Or is this a question I need to target the lawyers?

From your response, it seemed that getting an H1B for a model/actress is not easy. Is this true even if the person already has a full time job, and is only applying for a partial H1B to work part time in modelling/acting?

Also, are there any links to find out how much it costs to set up a business for an H1B visa holder and who all need to be involved to get it going?

Thanks again.
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