Work visa after green card surrender & marriage

I'm seeing a lot of good responses on this forum and I'm hopeful someone can help me with my dilemma as well.

I received my green card in Nov 2018. I had an L1 Visa (expires in 2021) before getting the green card. I was not married at the time when I got my green card. I’m considering marriage now and I need your help in understanding the options I have.

Reading online, here is what I believe is possible:
  1. Option 1: Sponsor green card for my wife and wait for the process (~2 years) to complete before she can visit the US.
  2. Option 2: Sponsor green card for my wife and while waiting, she can visit on temporary visa for 6 months or less (then go back & come again later).
  3. Option 3; Surrender green card, use my work visa and apply for wife as dependent addition in the Visa
Requesting experts & folks who may experience with this, to please help me with the questions below:
  1. Are there any other options, which allow for my wife to join me in the US shortly after marriage. My preference is to keep the green card, but if that means she cannot join within 3-6 months, I'm OK surrendering the green card.
  2. If I surrender the green card, can I simply reuse the L1 visa? Or will I have to apply for a fresh visa?
Appreciate any help or pointers you may have for my situation.