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Hi everyone. I had my naturalization interview in Honolulu Hawaii a few days ago. I passed civic, reading and writing test smoothly. The interview was smooth at beginning but it started going bad after she asked me my travel records and marriage record.
I had many trips to outs side of country because of my work and family issue. I married an American citizen and divorced last year. The immigration officer asked me the day when we stopped living together. We both went back our country back and fourth and don’t remember exact day when we separated. I told the IO it was January 2020 but I really don’t remember when exactly was. It could be close or could be different totally. I didn’t mean to lie, I just tried to recall it and came up with wrong date… The IO continued to next step. I answered all eligibility questions yes and no. I signed on the tablet after that.

I have lived in California until May last year. And I moved to Hawaii in June(as a resident in Hawaii). I filed the application form on June 1st 2021 in California even though I was in Hawaii visiting my friend, my residential address was in California so I applied to California. After that I decided to move to Hawaii to live in a fist week of June 2021 which is right after I flied the application form to California. So now I’m in Hawaii and had an interview in Hawaii. It sounds go back and fourth and busy but that’s what happened. The IO told me I can’t even apply for naturalization if I don’t live in the state 3 month before I submitted but I told her I applied in California and moved to Hawaii. she said everything is fine up to this point but She said she will have to take a look at this case again. Then she gave me N-652 and checked “USCIS will send you a written decision”
I also want to change my legal name so that it will take some time to proceed which I understand.
I have to wait 30-90days to receive a letter from USCIS for a decision.
I know i just have to wait but I just wanted share what happened with me and hear someone who has the same situation.
Thank you!


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Think of it from officers perspective. You don’t remember the date of your separation. Your GC was based on marriage to US citizen. The officer needs to confirm that you met the conditions of your GC, that you were actually living together when you removed the conditions. They do this anytime divorces are involved so the applicant needs to be prepared with documentation and answers. I’m surprised you weren’t prepared for this question.

About the state jurisdiction I think you should be fine since you applied in CA when you were a resident of that state for 3+ months I suppose and then moved to HI and changed address. But when you say you filed from CA when you were actually in HI with a friend, that makes the situation murkier as someone might think that you changed your state of residency but we’re temporarily living with a friend until you found a permanent place.