Will my husband and I be ok, Was he harrassed?

My husband has been in america for 4 years now! He is not an american citizen yet, he is from jordan. I'm an american citizen, and we for sure in love. I say that because some people think that these kind of marriages are never real. My husband has never been in trouble while in america, he has gotten a couple speeding tickets is all. He does wholesale once in awhile and just recently bought a huge lot of air fresheners and has been going state to state selling them because he has can't sell them here in ohio. Anyways, he was in texas and somehow got into new mexico, and was pulled over by homeland security. He didn't have his green card on him so they detained him. They had called me and asked me a million questions, especially about our marriage, saying that they don't think its a real marriage because what kind of husband would leave his wife at home while he is traveling like this. HELLO..Haven't you heard of truck drivers before? Anyways, they said he was up to something because they don't think that the money he had made selling those air fresheners was real and they kept saying your doing something else we know it. After 6 hours they left him go, and now my family is worried they will come after me because im married to him. My husband has done nothing wrong, and I don't understand how our marriage would have anything to do with his selling, and my mom keeps saying they are home land security they can do what they want. I don't think its right to detain someone for 6 hours and tell that person they are lying about their marriage life when that wasn't even the reason to be detained. Anyways..is this harrassment, and will my husband be ok, and me as well?


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Get over it, with all the things going on these days that's nothing, they thought something is fishy and investigated until they got satisfied, they were just doing their job.


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according to the uscis, a legal green card holder is supposed to have his/her green card on him/her at all the time. why didn't he take the card when he went out of state to avoid such incidents. i personally never carried my green card when i was in town, but when i travel out of state or out of country ive always had my green card on me.