Will I be denied Naturalization and get my GC revoked?

Hi guys, just want to hear some advice about my situation because I am quite anxious and doesn't know if I should get a lawyer.

I got my green card on Feb 2013, just before I turned 21. Being young and scared of the sudden change, I wanted to continue my studies in my home country because I thought it would give me better employment opportunities here in the US. I researched about it and found about re-entry permit, applied and went back to my home country in April 2013. My re-entry permit's expiration was June 2015.

When I got home, an employment opportunity came so instead of continuing my studies, I worked because I thought work experience > school when it comes to finding better employment opportunities when I get back here in the US. I didn't know it would cause possible problems instead :(

2 years and 2 months later, on June 2015, I came back in the US and re-established myself. I have work, I filed my taxes, and only went for trips in my home country once a year for less than 6 months.

I know my clock has been reset, and so I am planning to apply for Naturalization on March 2020, 90 days before June 2020 which would be my 5 years after re-establishing myself.

It's far away before I file my N400 but I am already anxious because USCIS may take my employment abroad as abandoning my permanent residence status. The only ties that I actually have in the US during those years that I was away is my mom and my sister were living here in the US. Other than that, I don't have anything else.

Do you guys think I can be denied or worst, can they revoke my gc when I apply next year? Should I get a lawyer?


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You re-entered before your permit expired? I think you’ll be fine. The permit shows you intended to return and it’s used as a sign that you did not intend to abandon residency.