Will EB2 dates move forward when Trump's EO is in effect


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The India EB2 dates made a big jump in the last month from 12th June 2009 to 8th July 2009. While Trump's EO banning green cards and immigrant visas is in effect will these dates move forward?
Trump's EO does not ban green card issuance. It only bans immigrant visa issuance in most categories.

The vast majority of EB1 and EB2 cases are Adjustment of Status cases, so those can proceed despite the EO and the EO does not make a large number of extra EB2 green cards available this fiscal year.

Next fiscal year, there will be additional EB visas available because of the spillover of unused FB visas. However, it is not clear how much the dates are going to move. It depends on USCIS processing capacity.