Will a RFE on I102 delay my I1485/I765????

Married an us citizen, filed I102,I130,I1485 and I175 all same time. Couple weeks after, received all NOA's plus RFE on I102. Biometrics apointment was scheduled and went for it. Now I am just waiting, and wondering if the RFE on my I102 will delay my whole process or even be denied? please someone help.Anyone same situation or know about it. I am trying to gather the proof requested to reply the RFE but till then, is my process on hold???
NO.. I do not have proof

Do you have proof of entry?
I did the I102 and they could not locate my information, so I had sent a request to FOIA and waiting on responde to reply to the RFE on the I102.. I'm just not sure weather they gonna wait for my response to proceed w my case...