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which is your favourite shopping site??

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by areya, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. areya

    areya Registered Users (C)

    Hi everyone,I want to develop my on-line business, i.e. consumer to consumer business.I am not familiar with indian market . I want know which online shopping website do you like?I normally do shopping form montecarlo
  2. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

    i'm a musician, so sites that sell music and music equipment.
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  3. Kauanoliveira

    Kauanoliveira New Member

    I compare Amazon and eBay for the best deal
  4. jit2367

    jit2367 New Member

    If you are looking for Indian market then Flipkart, Amazon are the best ones.
  5. Cooper145

    Cooper145 New Member

    Ebay. I love them for the high quality and quick support
  6. loonymoony

    loonymoony New Member

    Amazon, Ebay

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