Which is the Best Place in USA ?


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Hi Guys,

Someone earlier started a Thread on this already. If you guys dont mind.. can you suggest a good place in USA ?

The main criteria being a place where maximum jobs are available throughout the year. Any other suggestions are also welcome.



Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa are great places to live in US. Very safe and very cool life. Little traffic and very cozy. Fabulous weather. No snow. Very low cost of living but very high standard of living. Modern cities and fast developing (first two are in top 10 fastest growing in US). Very good Universities and schools. Desi crowd is almost all White Collar - All doctors and Engineers. Not many Indian grocery stores but still great. Atlanta is 2 hrs drive from B'ham and Florida beaches very near. VOW!!!!


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DC has a lot of jobs, but quite a few need security clearance. There is not much racism. Lot of Indian stores and places to eat. There are a lot of indians here, but they arent concnetrated like in NJ. Most of the Indians are IT professionals. Snows only 2 days in a year. Sunny and warm(although not as much as florida). Most destinations in east coast are drivable : NY 4 hrs, PA 2.5 hrs, Boston 8 hrs, Niagara, 10 hrs, Disneyworld 14 hrs, miami 17 hrs

The only bad thing is traffic, and crime is high in some pockets


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The best place to live not only in USA, but anywhere


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Thank you guys..

I live in NJ but am frustrated with traffic and distances. Also, NJ by itself is not much - we are dependent on NY for most of the job market etc.

What about the home cost ? I am looking at the following areas. But it may change depending on your feedback.

1. Washington DC.
2. Atlanta.
3. San Fransisco.
4. The inevitable NJ.


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I have the same question.

I have lived in NJ for 4.5 years and feel extremely tired of this greedy place. Before I came to NJ, I lived and studied in LA for 1.5 years. As a comparision, I think NJ/NY, maybe all eastern coast cities, ALMOST completely lost American culture. They are completely assimulated by floods of immigrants from ALL corners of the world.

Here are the comparisons:

(1) in LA (Westwood area) , drivers will stop one block away to let walker to cross the road. In f**** NJ, cars seem to have HIGHER preference over pedestrain.

(2) dirvers seldom push the horn in LA. However, you hear angry horn frequently in NJ/NY. If you are late just one second when a red light turns to green, someone will horn you. Is this america??

(3) the fucking greedy, money-hunger apartment owners (you know who they are) are really annoying and picky. In LA, it is much much easier. People there still honor basic trusts of human being.

(4) In Santa Monica beach, you can enjoy TYPICAL american beauty and you are likely to see more happy faces in LA than in NJ.

(5) In NJ, everyone is BUSY with money only. that is why people are cold, greedy, inhuman here.

(6) In LA, ethnics are relatively simplier. Most of them are White, asian, hispanic and little black. White people are polite. Asian people are hard-working and nice too. Hispanic take care of grocery and resturant stuff but they are very nice. In damn NJ, you see people from all corners. I am not a racist however, people from some places are indeed lousy statistically.

(7) there are lots more decent universities in CA than in NJ. You do not have to go to a university as lousy as NJIT, even Rutgers.

Anyway, I am considering moving back to LA and hopefully find a staff job in a good university and finish my Ph.D there on part-time basis. NJ really sucks to me.
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Tom B

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because its jersey! a friend of mine recently moved from mid west to NJ and he has faced ton of problems in housing, land lords, traffic, insurance, utilities, ...you name it.

ric2, it has been a long time since i have seen your post. when i was reading your message for some time i thought you were talking about Louisiana and not Los Angeles. i am a bit surprised by your description of LA. i have never lived there but from what i hear, life may seem better there but most people are superficial. but good to know you feedback.

i like the dc area. it is a bit different than east coast metros. new york is too hush bush for me. boston is nice but conservative and uptight in some regards. dc is metro area is quite spread out. lots of good institutes, lots of industry. the dc/md/nova area is also called the silicon valley of the east. ethnic diversity is at its best. there are a lot of indian places but you will find all kinds of ethnic restaurants here - persian, afghani, turkish, vietnamese, asian you name it. you can eat kebobs and watch belly dance shows at the same time. in general culture is good. people are mediocre not rude and not too nice (as in mid west). beltway traffic sucks try to avoid it at peak time. cost of living is medium to high. housing is costly, in order to get a decent 4 bedroom town house you will have to easily spend 300+ and will have to take it 15 miles outside of DC. there are lots of nice places to see ans things to do in 2-3 hours driving radius.


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hate NJ .... but love Raleigh ...

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is one of the best places to be in ... Love it here !!!


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Boston (Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline)

Guys I currently live in NJ ......yes stayed here for alomst 6 years.
I have ran out of good things to say about NJ ...

But by god's grace my comapny headquareter located in Boston has asked me to move up there by the end of this year.

I have always loved that place .....lot of colleges/universites ...excellent public transportation ...lively places such as Harvard Sq., Davis Sq. ....Charles River ...and the sail boating .....
I am really excited to move up there. A truly historic place !! ....

I am Oct. 01 filer .....so it's 1 year, 1 month, and 19 days ...still waiting for that moment ......:)


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I live in Chicago and I love it!!!

- Flat 3% income tax (Oh I love this!)
- Plenty of jobs
- Fast growing suburbs
- Lot of new and affordable housing construction
- Pretty cosmopolitan crowd
- The beautiful downtown (in summer and snow!)
- Lot of fun places to visit around

A couple of frustrating things -

1) The average commute to work could be between 45 min to 1 hr. based on where you live
2) Very bad traffic - Construction during summer and snow in winter!



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Oh !!

Bobby V,

by what you have written about W.DC. I say it is quiet cheap. For a 4 Br. House in NJ, you have shell out 400K and it will be 35 miles away from NY. And usually, from any where to anywhere (useful) in NJ, the minimum commute is 20 miles. That is what I have experienced.

Eg: my home to office 35 miles.
Home to Indian markets 39 miles.
Home to Temple 40 miles.
Office to Temple 18 miles.
Office to INdian markets 45 miles.

Chicago is good but the winter is VERY VERY WILD. I lived in chicago for 3 months. The michigan lake is a big unwanted air cooler in Winter. But the scenary is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Wow. ( Chicago Minus Winter ) is excellent. But I am open to that. As I told NJ is last preference. ONLY good thing about NJ is Indian crowd. However, the price to pay for that is too heavy.

MY updated list now is .

1. Washington DC. (Only Factor being nearer to NY)
2. Some good city in LA.
3. Atlanta.
4. Chicago.

Please do post more opinion on other areas, main criteria being lots of jobs and affordable housing.


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Philly is the place guys. Not too big. Not too small. Close to NY, NJ and Washington. Never had a problem getting a ticket to India from Philly International with just one stop. Added bonus great strip clubs and cheesesteaks.

Tom B

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Re: Oh !!

Originally posted by DryIce
Bobby V,
by what you have written about W.DC. I say it is quiet cheap. For a 4 Br. House in NJ, you have shell out 400K and it will be 35 miles away from NY.

DryIce, you are right. DC is cheaper than NY. But then, most places on this earth are cheaper than NY. It depends on the reference frame. In comparison the most metros, DC is not cheap. It is not extremely costly either. It also denepds on location in the metro. For example a good 4br house in littleton, ma may be ~350k but a similar house in boston will be 800k or may be a mil. and littleton is about 30 miles from boston. similarly in all metros. but i would make ny an exception. the metro is huge and dense and real estate is sky rocketing. it is simply killing.

i saw my message and i realized i should have said 25 miles and not 15. 12-15 miles is the tysons corner area or some areas in alexandria and you may not get a decent 4br in 300k in these areas. you will have to go 25-30 miles out like chantilly, centerville or sterling etc. and even there most likely you will spend in the range of 350. still this area is cheaper than new york.

i am glad to see dc on the top of your list though. even though for now your main reason is that it is closer to new york. when you move here, hopefully, soon enough you will realize other good factors. for instance, fairfax county school system is one of the nation's top school systems.

if you are really constrained to be near new york for some reason, i would say philly would be better than dc for you. but i dont see it because your 2nd and 3rd choices are much further away from NY.

Tom B

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Originally posted by waitinNJ
For Desi crowed, I would say NJ is heaven.
waitinNJ, I am sorry, I don't think NJ is heaven for ANY crowd. :) :) :)

(Please don't get all mushy... :p )


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Still love NJ and NY, Oak tree road, feels like in India.
it may be the best desi market in US.
All desi stuff available within miles. And you know what no need to show extra courtesy all the time, just be to yourself.
NJ has everything - Good Parks, Snow in cold, not so bad beaches
and plenty of jobs..

May be I am not used to the US lifestyle yet..

Only things I hate about NJ - housing cost and car insurance

Everythingelse is just geat.

Jai Sharma

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Manhattan/Northeastern New Jersey has to be the best place. The nightlife in Hoboken and in the Village is one of the best in the nation, BobbyV I have seen nightlife around the Georgetown University (I take you are from Virginia), belive me there is no comparison.

__ Jai