When you get greencard, will INS stamp your expired passport?


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I have asylum status and currently applying Greencard
and expecting approval in 2002.
My passport is expired. Where will INS stamp the passport? In my expired passport?
Please kindly share your experience. Thanks


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This question was already raised and widely discussed before. Please check other discussions in this same Portal. You will find valuable and very interesting information posted in this regard.

Jack Archer

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Actually it is the other way round: passport or I-94 stamping takes place first, and then your green card usually arrives in the mail 2 to 3 months after that.
 I\'ve been told that INS has no problem stamping I-485 approval notice in expired asylee passports, they know most asylees are not able to renew/update their national passports. In lieu of the national passport they will also stamp in asylee\'s I-94. But I don\'t know the details of each and every individual case, so if in doubt please consult your case with the NSC helpline or with a licensed immigration lawyer.

 One more thing, I don\'t mean to put your hopes down but average processing time for asylee green cards these days is 5 to 6 years. And the Congress has not approved this year\'s asylee adjustment quota yet, so the people who filed their I-485s in early 1998 are anxiously waiting for the INS to announce the next cut-off-date.


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This what my lawyer said

THe INS will not stamp an expired passport. Instead, they will have her get an INS photo and will make a temporary paper green card until the plastic one is made.
By the way, I am filing I-485 through employment (EB3- Skilled Worker).