What's wrong with profile pictures uploader?!


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I spent 15 minutes of my time by editing my profile picture in Photoshop and another 15 minutes by trying to upload it and system keeps telling me "Invalid file" - I tried everything - uploading image to my web-server the specifying it as URL. I checked the size of the picture and its pixels. What the heck is going on? I understand that it isn't issue at all as long as forum works and I shouldn't be spending time on such details, but I embarrased, perspired and it is really annoying.


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What is the file type you are trying to upload?

FYI, I think there is a permission issue. If you take the user vladek15425 for example he now shows as
Registered Users (C). Some users have that (C), some don't. Since he got the (C) he is no longer able to edit his own posts and he is unable to upload his profile own photo. This changed around a week ago.