What should I do with a negligent lawyer?


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I don¡¯t know what to do with a negligent lawyer. It has been more than a month since I asked a legal consulting for my case, but he has not responded. His secretary ( legal assistance) responded 16 days after initial contact. But, she does not seem to have enough knowledge on the case. He already took $2,600 of my money. It also has been almost a year since I initially contacted him for my case. Nothing have been done yet, even the initiation of EB2 process. I admit that I was stupid in paying him without tying his work to compensation. Any idea how to make him work or, at least, I can recover part or whole of my monies?


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write/ Fax

Did you try writing to him? A Fax would be even better.
Write to him mentioning your initial contact and your subsequent attempts to elicit a response from him.
And politely mention you are not too happy about the delay.
Secretaries find it much easy to show their boss a complaint rather than conveying a telephonic conversation.
But, written words have to be very discreet and more polite.(Sorry if I over emphasised it).
A return Fax number would also help.


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Thank You Babb_s and More detailed info.

Thank you for your reply! Here goes some more of the story!
The lawyer initially asked me to communicate exclusively with e-mail. After waiting about two weeks since five e-mails to the lawyer, I left phone message two times. I eventually sent a signed fax stating if he does not respond me within two weeks, I would consider he does not have any intention to represent my case any more. On the day I sent the fax, the secretary called me with apology, but, I clearly told her I need to get legal advice from the lawyer. She apologies saying the lawyer had been quite busy. I sent an e-mail saying I need to talk to lawyer not the secretary on that day. Until now, after 8 days passage of fax, no response from the lawyer. I don\'t mind waitting if the lawyer, not secretary, simply inform me the situation.


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No Title

Send him notorised Notice and ask him to refund the money within 5 business days. Also send a copy to bar association.
You would note the change in attitude and refunds. The attorney\'s out here are high headed and think they are doing obligation on Clients. They do not believe in Customer support. I also had a tough time with the attorney. Please do not go for \'Desi Attorney\'


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this is what all lawyers are-FReaking ba**ards

A very successful lawyer parked his brand-new Lexus in
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PL dont Universalise the LAwyer Community- SEE JIM MILLS

Take the case of Mr JIM MILLS. I dont think anybody is paying anything to him. But to his knowledge he his helping all without expecting anything in return immediately.

Maybe there are some bad ones... But there are lot of Good ones too.

Jim Mills

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It\'s like any other professions

Lawyers are like everybody else.

There are good ones, and bad ones.
Knowledgable ones and incompetent ones.
Ethical ones, and cheats.

I have bills to pay like everyone else. Some things I do for free, some things I don\'t.


James D. Mills
Attorney at Law


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ure so innocent sri-il

u think he is doing pro-bono. he is just like all others. he is trying to build an image and get more customers. what is the best place but immigration boards etc?
maybe there are bad one ---lol lol. it is the funniest one i have heard in a long time. Take a sample of the guys on the board and very few will have nice words to say about their lawyers.
so let me rephrase it--maybe there are few good ones-and those are the ones writing books like john grisham