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Hello Gurus,

Recently my I-485 got approved. What should I do next?? I read in one of the other posts, a while back, that you need to re-apply for a new Social security card..can some one throw more light on this..and also please advise what else needs to be done..Who all do I need to inform?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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(1) Update I-9 with your employer
(2) Update with SSA and get a new SSN card
(3) If you live in Florida and local government lilke DMV's record show you are a nonimmmigramt, update that record
(4) If you or any of your family memeber is a male between 18 and 26, register with Selective Service (http://www.sss.gov)
(5) Update with the embassy of yopur own country if necessary. One day you may lose your GC and they
require you have a legal status here to extend or renew your passport.
(6) Tell your landlord :)


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(2) Update with SSA and get a new SSN card

What is SSA and why do I need to get a new SSN card?
Thank you...


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SSA is Social Security Administration.

Your present SSN card will say [/B]' Valid for work only with INS authorization'.[/B]

If you update your SSN they will send you a new card with the same SSN but the above wordings removed.


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Thank you for your answer, samroze.

Is this mandatory to get the new card, or is it OK not to update the card because it's just matter of convenience?


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Strangely, my SSN card doesn't say anything like "Valid for work only with INS authorization".
My wife's SSN card says "Not valid for work".
I guess this is because I got it when I was in F-1 visa, and my wife got it when she was in H-4 visa.

Is this true?
And in my case, don't I need to update the card?

Thank you for your help...


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Hello SSW,

I think you should(not must) update your wife's SSN.

About yours I am not sure. Maybe you don't have to.... Consult some gurus or ask at the SSA.

you can visit the ssa at www.ssa.gov . you can also get their ph. no at the site if you wanna talk to them.


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I just got the stamp on the passport, so I don't have the actual card.
Is the stamp enough to apply for the replacement SSN card?
Or should I wait until I get the card?

I guess I have too many questions... so I wish this is the last one... :)

Thank you, again.


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Stamp enough

I-551 stamp on your passport is enough to apply for the cards with the SSA; In fact if you are going for stamping in Newark, the SSA office is right next door.


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There are several reasons why we should update with SSA
(1) To get a new SSN card so that when you temporarily lose
your green card, you can use no restriction card to
establish work eligibility during I-9 process
(2) A no-restriction SSN card may get you a better loan
when you present it to a bank.
(3) Benefits are differents for PRs and NIV holders, you'd better
let SSA know you are a PR now rather than when you or your
survivor relative suddenly need teh benefits
(4) After 9-11, it is a good ideal to update any of government
records that still shows you are a NIV holders
(5) To do it just for teh fun of it. You'll soon be nostalgic about
any GC related activities.

When you get yoru citizenship, you'll need to update
with SSA again.
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If you have worked and paid SST in a country that has SST treaty with the USA and the treaty only covers citizne and PRs, you should also inform that country to transfer your credits to SSA