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What is the best way to choose a best lawyer

Discussion in 'Any Topic' started by BrookeWilson, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. BrookeWilson

    BrookeWilson Registered Users (C)

    I would like to know what is the best criteria to choose a best lawyer.
  2. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

    try sites like findlaw or lawyers.com. :)
  3. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

    record and reputation also. look up their track record. also if you know people that had a good experience, that's another way.
  4. JStubb

    JStubb New Member

    An immigration lawyer should belong to www.aila.org. There is a referral search there so you can find a lawyer that way. Be sure the lawyer tells you the whole cost of everything up front and is not giving you a low price and then going to add on a bunch of stuff as you go.
  5. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

    good advice^^^^
  6. underfloorheat

    underfloorheat New Member

    Aside from looking on the reputation, it will depend on what kind of lawyer do you need. Each lawyer have their own field of expertise.
  7. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

    also, this site is owned by a law firm...
  8. grape ape

    grape ape Registered Users (C)

  9. ece

    ece Registered Users (C)

    what about being represented by law students?
  10. Dianna Alexander

    Dianna Alexander New Member

    Learn about your legal problem. Search the Internet for FAQs, start by reading articles or discussing it with others who may have been in a similar situation
  11. ErnestBlair

    ErnestBlair New Member

    I would say the best way is to contact a bunch of attorneys and see which one you like best. Also, read up on reviews that are available on the internet for each attorney.
  12. wandapmarti56

    wandapmarti56 New Member

    The truth is it won’t always be easy finding the right personal injury attorney. Remember that, in most cases, it won’t always be the first person you go to. Try several options. Find an attorney who is 100% behind your case to lessen the risk of negative impact. The best personal injury lawyer does not take personal injury lightly, and will do everything in his or her power to make sure you are compensated fully for any and all grievances and trauma you – or in this case, your relative – has suffered from the accident
  13. jit2367

    jit2367 New Member

    There are many websites available online, i think they can give you better ideas.

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