what is needed for reapplying non-immigrant?


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Hey guys! I applied for my sister's visitor visa, but she was rejected. Now, there were some weaknesses in this case; first of all my sister is unmarried and unemployed, but she has property on her name in which she is living. We understand that we have to prove to them our strong ties to home ground, but the problem was they didn't let her show them the documents supporting her home ties aka property deed. Now as well as my financial status. What should be done that she can get her visitor visa next time? Is there any solution to this problem?

PS. I'm a citizen, living here in the US for 26 years.


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You didn't apply, she did. There is not much, unfortunately, either you or anyone else could do for someone's tourist visa. The CO made a decision that your sister lacked strong ties to her home country, Pakistan is it? Her single and unemployed status likely played a role in the denial. The CO is not obligated to look at any documents; they generally receive enough relevant information from the ds160 and interview.

Did you petition her in the sibling category after you became a USC 15 years ago? And if so, how close is she to her priority date?


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Property is not a strong tie. Many immigrants to the US still own property in their home countries. No job or own family ... is a big lack of ties unfortunately.
If nothing has changed since her last interview, the outcome is unlikely to change.