What is ment by Drop Box.


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Can some one please tell me what is ment by Drop Box. Am planning for a visit to India in the month of June, the current visa stamp(H1B) has expiered, so have to get revalidated. The Madras consulate is 15 hrs journey for my place, so was hopeing to get the process done through mail this time. Any help in this reguard is greatly appriciated. Also recent experiences of this kind would help..

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Drop box is

1.using a private courier/travel agency to submit and get the visa stamp processed. see www.ttsvisas.com There are collection points in bangalore, hyderabad etc.

2. You can also mail it to the consulate (along with a 300Rs DD favor of TTS ) and you will get the passport stamped in mail.


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Thank, but..

Thank you very much for the response.. I think I get it now. So, I just mail all the necessary documents along with the Passport, and the DD\'s in favour of the US consulate General(if the visa gets approved) and a 300 Rs DD in favour of TTS.. and I should be good to go... Am I right. And any idea how long it would take for the visa to come back..