What happens if Employer backs out after J-1 waiver approval but before H1-B filing?


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Once J-1 waiver is obtained, person can transfer J-1 under extreme circumstances and does not need new slot as that J-1 slot counts even if the state may have filled all its slots for that year.

However once J-1 waiver is approved but then employer backs out and refuses to file H1-B as it got very late to obtain waiver. Then what happens? So physician never got his H1b filed or an opportunity to join practice but still has his waiver approved.

Does physician has to reapply for new J-1 waiver slot for another job (so need to have J-1 slot still available in that state where physician is applying) or does this J-1 waiver slot hold still valid and can be used for another job without the need of having j1 slot still available in that state where physician is applying.

What happens in this situation?


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Employer is also bound to a contract as you are. So, the employer will have to abide by the contract depending on what it states.


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IM/FP J1 waiver opportunity in Phoenix ,AZ in a large federally qualified comminity health center.The last date for state health deparment to accept application is November 30,2010.
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