What can we do?

Jack Archer

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The Congress has already adjourned for this year and none of the Bills proposing to increase the asylee adjustments were passed. There\'s no news or updates from the AILF legal action either.

  Individually some of us can find alternative methods to obtain the Greencard through employer sponsorship or marriage to LPR/citizen. But what about those asylees who have none of those opportunities? What can we do as a group to receive a fair treatment? Any ideas?


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Congress IS in session

Both houses of the U.S. Congress are still in session. They are passing security-related legislation.

Congress will probably not address the asylum situation this year. Our best option is to wait until a quota becomes available.

Jack Archer

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Thanks for the info Gilbert. I think the current sessions are probably emergency sessions because the calendar says 107th session will adjourn on October 5th.

 Like the rest of asylees I am feeling really hopeless now. I sent 20 letters to members of the Senate Judicial committee in support of the S.1311 bill but to this day I have not received a single reply from them. I also sent emails to AILF inquiring about the progess in their class action suit against the INS, no reply from them.
  Worst of all the President has not announced the refugee admission/asylee adjustment quota for this fiscal year yet. I don\'t know when he will do it, but for all I know he does not have to do it at all.