What are my chances?


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I am a physician from India. 4-5 of my friends have received gc via EB-1 EA i guess exceptional ability all of them are physicians.

after reading the forum, i feel none of them qualify and even i wont qualify but still they got it via going through a famous lawyer from new york

I did mbbs from India, then passed PLAB (like usmle in UK but didnt work there)

I did combined residency so i am double board certified and completing my fellowship now. so will have three boards.

applying for FACP and another membership (fellowship) in another society (have to fulfill their criteria to get fellowship which I can. It's not just regular membership where you pay ans get it..they have those too but then you are just a member and not fellow)

was chief resident for 2 years (one year in residency and then another year separately)

got small title during chief residency- adjunct assistant clinical professor from us medical school

formed resident organization during residency and was its found secretary. did fund raising project

have given grand rounds (two) and lectures for students and residents including board review for them

member of various hospital committees during chief residency

no national awards

best resident of year, best student of year in school, best rotaractor, was in rotaract club for long time and held some positions.

have one publication as 2nd author, no 1st author, working on publications,

have 8 poster presentations and 4 are mine with 1st author at national meetings...trying to convert them into publications

so what are my chances for eb1- ea?

dont know what to do more or will i even get an opportunity to do more?

everyone else on the forum looks more impressive but i am not trying for eb-1 or



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May be Niw


I must begin saying that i'm not a lawyer. So what I say is just what I know.

I'm think your friends actually have EB-2 NIW (physician) not EB-1. EB-1 is very difficult to get (if not impossible) with just bacholers. In my opinion ( again I,m not a lawyer) you don't qualify even for EB-2 Niw on regular basis. But being a physicisn you qualify for physician NIW (I envy you for that) if you are willing to work in underserved areas for five years . But remember that EB-2 is backlogged for india.

But my guess is once your petition is approved you can work in US. Only thing is you cant travel outside. (confirm this with a lawyer).


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Not good. You might be clinically at the top of your field of nephro but being a fellow or juniour faculty is very hard to prove with 1 publication and no research grant. These cases have become very hard to prove and have become more research oriented path. NY lawyer might give you a rosy picture but reality is very different. 2 recent denials in last month in our hosp. both senior speciaity faculty in heme-onc.