We are looking for a private sponsor.


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First of all, I apologize for my bad english. I hope I've posted the issue in the right place.

Hello dear authorities.

I live in Turkey. I will marry soon. Probably in January. We decided that we could not live in our country due to both political and family reasons. At the same time, raising a child in this country is very difficult and there are subjects that are impossible for us. I am 33 and my wife is 26 years old. Me and my wife are not people who spend money unnecessarily. We have saved some money up to this age. We save a few more months. We want to immigrate to America as refugees by using all our money. Our biggest problem is that we don't have a sponsor in America. According to our research, those who do not have sponsors from the camps are most likely unable to leave or leave very late. Maybe he has to pay bail. Bail fees are too high in some camps. In fact, we unfortunately do not have the budget to pay bail. We would like to learn how we can find sponsors from you, begging your forgiveness. Can you help us find sponsors? Maybe we have to pay a fee for this. At the very least, we would like to know how much this fee will be. If you can give a positive or negative answer, we will be very, very happy. My wife and I thank you very much in advance. We wish you success in your work.