Was I arrested?Please help.


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Hello Guys,
I have a very important issue that I need answers for .Please help.
I was visiting USA on B1 visa in 2015 and I was going for a business meet and was driving my niece's car with my indian driving licence as DMV California says if you are a tourist or visitor, you can drive with your home country's licence and you are not supposed to have California licence. So, fast forward I was stopped at a check point and was asked for a licence and I gave them my Indian licence and told them I was a business visitor, and I gave them copy of my I-94.But the cop asked me to step out of the vehicle ,handcuffed me and told me that I was being taken to PS to check if there were any warrants against me. So, They took me to the police station and verified that there was nothing against me and issued me a ticket with a misdemeanor saying driving without licence and arrested without ID.I took the ticket to the police station attorney suggested by district attorney of the court and she apologized for the inconvenience caused and got my ticket dismissed from a judge who dismissed all charges on the ticket.
Now, My question is was I ever arrested as when I try to find arrest records, there is nothing in my name.
And more important question: while filling the visa forms do I have to admit to the question asking were you ever arrested?
Please help with whatever experiences anybody has relating to the above matter. Thanks.