War effects?


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I'm trying to bring my in-laws to here. Is anybody aware of any problems/delays in the chennai consulate due to current war scenario?


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I also have the same question in mind...

Am planning to bring my parents....Can anyone pls. help me with the info. about the rejection rate of visitor visa in chennai consulate due to this war...

Have anybody got approval/rejction recenty in chennai consulate...

Nairji lets share any info. that we get reg. this...



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visa granted at chennai

My parents got a 1 year visa from chennai consulate last week. They used the drop box service


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Dear spol,

Could u share the story and procedure u followed? / ur parents followed?

I remember you got senator letter to 'review visa appl'
can u share about getting the lettor from senator plz?

and did u sponser them? did u send I-134?

did u send any doc directly to consulate?

or they took with them first time?

plz do help ppl to understand if there is any path available to help them to get visas for their parents .