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Waiting for Asylum Decision [Still Painful]

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by usmedium, May 2, 2015.

  1. usmedium

    usmedium New Member

    I'd like to share my PAINFUL experience with you guys. AND you guys have to know that I'm still painful now.

    Let's get started with the TIME SCHEDULE:

    10/27/2014 Arrived in the United States with B2 visa
    11/00/2014 i-589 sent, which I can't remember which day exactly
    11/08/2014 Receipt Arrived
    11/00/2014 Fingerprints & Interview Notice, which I can't remember which day exactly
    12/19/2014 Interview

    04/07/2015 Called the Asylum office and confirmed that my clock was stopped and suggested me to wait for "a couple of weeks" since I can't apply for the EAD due to the uncompleted 150 days clock. Also I was told by my translator that I was granted.
    04/23/2015 I, myself, called back to the office and learnt that my case all goes well and suggested me to wait for two weeks, if not, call back again, which would be by 05/07/2015

    It's 05/01/2015 today, I am still waiting for the decision. I bet a real decision notice is far better than just saying.

    I am currently living pretty poor to survive since I am not allowed to work without the working permission.

    Anyone one out there can give me some suggestions on what or how to do next?

    I heard and read that asylum applicants are allowed to visit the Asylum Office. But I'd like to ask:
    Do I need to make an appointment? How?
  2. ali sam

    ali sam New Member

    Hi brother may i know what are the benefits asylee get from government
    such as free accommodation free school and money
  3. CWH

    CWH Active Member

    we have pretty similar tumeline except that you got the interview and heard good news that your asylum application got approved. hang in there! i hope you will get the final decision soon. as for me, i am still waiting for an interview.
  4. CWH

    CWH Active Member

    i don't think there are any benefits as an asylum applicant. you will have to get through tough time by yourself while waiting for the process to complete, and it could take years. however, 150 days after filing an asylum application, you can apply for an EAD, commonly known as work permit, which allows you to work while waiting. apart from that, you are on your own. it's tough but if you get through the process successfully and become an asylee, you will have a path toward US citizenship (the end goal for asylum process). good luck!
  5. usmedium

    usmedium New Member

    Like i said, the approve was just on the call, there were no any official papers issued to confirm.
    But earlier this month i received a letter. I will scheduled another interview late this month. Have you heard anything similar?
  6. CWH

    CWH Active Member

    you meant you got a letter for the 2nd interview?
  7. usmedium

    usmedium New Member

    Yeah Sir. contact me with usmedium, it's a gmail mail box
  8. Ouzy10

    Ouzy10 Member

    After 29 months anytime I enter my ZNY receipt number it say case not valid and cannot be found but today I enter it, and it say we received your I 765 and waive the fees and have a sent u a notice of how we handling this case. What does it mean?
  9. I think it may mean that your case is approved, would you please share your timeline, or just your interview date and the last time you applied for EAD. I hope you are approved
  10. Ouzy10

    Ouzy10 Member

    I hope so guys!! I hope so guys.. I cannot wait to get that mail. Is being long over due. I had my interview July 24, 2013. Whenever, I enter my receipt number it says invalid or cannot be found. But today when I enter it it says we received your I675 and have waive the fees and mail you a notice of how we are processingyour case.
    I wish everyone else will just entertheir Z receipt number and will get the Same status.
  11. Wish you all the best, I hope to hear from you soon when you get the approval notice. I am really glad for you.
  12. Ouzy10

    Ouzy10 Member

    He is Never late!! He is always On time!! Thank God the almighty! I have received my approval today!! I can't explain the joy I am going through right now. I want to thank everyone in this forum. It has been the best experience for me. I learned a lot and gain a lot. I want to thank everyone but most specially the following person, thankful! Assylum, asylum seeker, and everyone else. I learned a lot from your posts. And I want to deep down my heart wish everyone all the best and keep the faith. You will get there!!! It is coming folks! Your approval is on the way! Specially those who get a second finger print notice.
    Jah bless to each and everyone.
    I applied after being here for 3 years.
    I was out of status when I applied in June 12,2013.
    I had my interviewed July 24, 2013
    And from there on anytime I write they say case pending for background checks,
    Approached senators office without any success,
    Approached the ombudsman without any success.
    Write a formal letter that I was going to sue them that is when they told me they will expedite my decision. After twenty days I got my final approval.
  13. Congratulations Ouzy10 :) Enjoy your life
  14. Would you please tell more about the letter that you sent to sue them, did u send it yourself or by a lawyer, what does it contain? Thanks in advance
  15. ZS1995

    ZS1995 New Member

    my father applied for asylum in jan 2015 but still no interview

    and me,my brother,my sister and my mother are still in Lebanon so is there anyway to go to the USA before he’s granted asylum like tourist visa for example or we should wait until he is granted??

    does that make any problems if we applied for a visa like denying my father’s asylum?
  16. Ouzy10

    Ouzy10 Member

    I wrote a letter, explaining how the difficulty was affecting me and all the administrative channel established by the government that I followed through in helping bring about a resolution into my pending asylum case. And that my last resort was the court. They wrote to me that they was going expedite the decision. But honestly speaking I went through hell.
    And no I did not used a lawyer. I did everything on my own. I study a lot about asylum and make a lot research and that's a help me a lot.
  17. lota2013

    lota2013 Active Member

    what adress did you sent the letter to? Your asylum office?
  18. samram

    samram New Member

    Hi every body ,
    I did apply for asylum on Nov 2014 and did my interview onJan 2015 . I got my EAd and sent inquiry notice but I didnt hear anything .
    Does any body have any idea about anything????
  19. sadsoul

    sadsoul Registered Users (C)

    @Ouzy10, I think I need to follow the same route as yours.
  20. sadsoul

    sadsoul Registered Users (C)

    @samram, its just 7-8 months and looking at the track record, it might be few more months to few more years.

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