wac030175**** approved


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Hi all,

Want to share this wonderful news with all of you and truly hope the same will happen to you soon. Thanks so much for all the support we shared within this blessing group!!!

Here are the details:

It took me exactly three years to get the green card (LC filed 04/2001)
I-485 filed in 10/2002
RFE received by INS on 04/01/2004
2nd PR done on 03/26/2004
I-485 approved on 04/28/2004

Good luck to you all!!!

P.S. I faxed an inquiry about 5 days ago and am not sure if that has anything to do with today approval :)

Can you please let us know where did you fax the inquiry to and what kind of inquiry?

Please post the fax# and also the verbiage of your inquiry


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The fax# is 949-389-3055 and the contents look like the following:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am send this fax hoping for a speedy processing of my pending I-485 (wac030175****, concurrent EB-2). Here are the situation of my case: I-140 approved in 01/2003, 2nd FP and name check cleared in 04/2004, RFE (EVL, tax and w2s for the past three years) received by CSC on 04/01/2004. I really appreciate your great effort of adjusting my case in a timely manner and thanks very much!


(My Name)


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Did you receive your Approval notice?


Did you receive your approval notice? Usually how long does it take to get the approval notice by mail after approval date as per INS website?