VSC LOST one of my applications!!!


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Three I-131 were sent in the SAME envelope, two photos and a check were attached to EACH application. Only TWO of the checks were cleared, and I received only TWO receipts.
The third one, the one of my 12 years old daughter is gone. The check wasn't cashed and no receipt mailed.

Can anyone tell me how I can contact someone in VSC directly? There is no use of calling the National Service Center, because they normally don't know what the heck is going on, let alone in such a clear LOCAL SITUATION.

Please help...thank you!


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Southhuntington said:
I think, it will be better if you re-apply.
Unfortunately, I think you are right...that's what I'll have to do eventually. The question is - did it happen to anyone before, where another application that was sent together with others "surfaced" few days later? All three were attached together with a huge paper clip...how can it be that they dropped one?!

What concerns me more is - who the hell put his hands on the application of my daughter and what he/she are doing with it...it has her address, as well as her picture...