*** Vote @ change.gov and get Green card !!


www.change.gov and new administration can bring change for us:

It's called the Citizen's Briefing Book, and it's an online forum where you can RATE or offer comments on the ideas.

The TOP RATED issues will be looked at by the administration after the Inauguration. They will print them out and gather them into a binder like the ones the President receives every day from experts and advisers. If you participate, your idea could be included in the Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama.

Go register with any email address and vote .
Each Vote counts as 10 points. You can use different email address and vote more than once .
Please do a search for 'immigration' and 'Vote Up' or 'Vote down' based on your preference .

The most popular idea 'Bullet Trains & Light Rail'
has gotten 59240 points that means 5924 people voted for it . As far as I know there are lot more people in our community .
So go vote and ask your friends to vote . It cost you nothing but might get you GC . Lots of US citizens are voting down the immigration issues . Are we going to keep quite and LOSE this battle.

I have voted up for the following :