Vistors visa for mother-in-law in India from Canada


Hi All,

I had applied for my mother in law's B2 visa 10 years before when I was working in US. I moved to Canada in 2009 and she has a 10 years multiple entry Canada visa. She visited US along with us couple of times when we travelled. Her US B2 visa has expired this year.

We are now Canadian citizens and calling her again this year..planning for a couple of small US trips.

Can I re-apply for her US B2 visitors visa from Canada.



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You cannot.

She can. Why apply from Canada and not India? Whether she's approved or not is another story. It's generally considered risky applying in a third country if she's looking to bypass India wait times or interview.


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No, because firstly you can’t sponsor a visitor visa, and if you could you’d need to be a US resident.
You can certainly offer to pay for her trip and have her put that down on the form.
I believe existing B visa holders in India generally get exempted from interviews if applying for a renewal of the same type of visa, you should ensure she is aware of this.


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Sorry...I meant if she can apply for a new B2 visa from India and I sponsor her from Canada.
A Canadian "sponsoring" someone for a US visa? Last I checked, the US and Canada are two separate nations. How could that even work, please enlighten us?

As noted above (and all Indian nationals or former Indian nationals should note), there is no sponsoring a US tourist visa. This comes up a lot on India-centric forums. You can pay for her, but that's not sponsoring! An applicant for a B2 visa applies by themselves, and are approved on their own merit, without any documents or invitations from US nationals.

She might be eligible for an interview waiver.