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Visitor Visa appointment - we got GC recently??

Discussion in 'B Visa Issues at the Consulate' started by ration_card, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. ration_card

    ration_card Registered Users (C)

    need some urgent advice on how to proceed...here is out situation...my parents are going for Visitor Visa appointment on April 1st. We just received out green card. How and what do we need to change in their applications, if any? And what all we need to send them?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Anyone has been in this situation before?

    thank you in advance,
  2. txh1b

    txh1b Registered Users (C)

    You getting a GC does not warrant any change in their visa application other than the relationship columns and the status of the person in that section (if applicable).

    Visitor visa is mostly dependent on the ties of the visitor to the home country, their ability to prove the same to the VO.
  3. ration_card

    ration_card Registered Users (C)

    thank you txh1b. Shall my parents mention proactively that we have received GC? Or shall we just let me show our AOS papers and visa papers?

    any thoughts? will there be any advantages/disadvantages associated with either of the approaches?

    thank you,
  4. txh1b

    txh1b Registered Users (C)

    General philosophy with respect to visa interviews is not to volunteer information. Answer to the point.

    Let them tell if the VO asks what your status is. As that information will be readily available under Q 37 of the DS 156, the VO can know if they pay attention to the application. Send copies of all paperwork as it will not hurt.

    I don't see a problem with this approach. Every visitor is assessed on an individual basis. As long as they show ties to home country (Property, job, business, family obligation to look after grand parents etc), visitor visa should not be a problem.

    Good Luck!
  5. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    The OP's parents need to be a little careful. The DS-156 is supposed to reflect the applicant's circumstances when they are interviewed for their B-2 visa. If they do not proactively update their DS-156, the consul may accuse them of trying to hide a material fact if it is discovered during the interview.

  6. txh1b

    txh1b Registered Users (C)

    I never told OP to hide anything. The DS 156 should be updated to reflect the correct information at all times. That is what I meant about Q37 in my previous post. I was just saying there is no necessity for the parents to walk up to the VO window and say my son is a GC holder now unless asked in the interview.
  7. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    I totally agree with you. You never told the OP to hide anything. I guess it is how one wants to skin the cat. I would encourage the OP's parents to verbally supply this critical piece of information once they approach the consul. This is just to ensure there is no chance of being accused of misrepresetation. I wish them a successful interview.

  8. ration_card

    ration_card Registered Users (C)

    Thank you very much for your valuable comments/suggestions. I have already sent approval notice copies to my parents.

    Only a small problem is how to update DS 156. VFS is not allowing us to change online. Im planning to ask my parents to manually make the change in Q37 and then when they go to the consulate they can mention the change to the documents officer. Dont see any other way to make the change to DS156 :confused:
  9. ration_card

    ration_card Registered Users (C)

    Got the visa

    Thank you for all your valuable input. My parents got their Visitor visa. It was pretty straight forward, all customary questions - where you work, how many kids do you have, where are they, where does your son work thats all.VO, did look through all the papers.

    VO told my parents that he is giving them visa for 10yrs but they cannot stay longer than 180days at a strech.

  10. Triple Citizen

    Triple Citizen Registered Users (C)

    Congratulations. I hope they have a wonderful holiday visiting you.

  11. ration_card

    ration_card Registered Users (C)

    Thank you Triple Citizen.

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