Visa Rejected Twice, Need advice


This is rather lengthy but please read. My boyfriend is a UK citizen and wants to come visit me here in the states so he can meet my parents. He was denied ESTA and has applied for visa twice at the consulate only to be rejected twice. We believe that it is because he is inadmissable because he has a drug possession charge for marijuana. It is below 30 grams and we have heard of the waiver of inadmissibility but it is only for fiance visa and he has to prove that I would be in extreme hardship if he cant come here. We have also read about the application for advance permission to enter as a nonimmigrant but we were not sure if he can apply for that because it is only for T or U visa types or Inadmissible nonimmigrant already in possession of appropriate documents. We dont exactly know what that means. Can anybody help us with this or any other methods that you can think of that can help him get a visa to come here and at least visit? We are not looking to get married quite yet, especially until he can meet my parents so a marriage isnt the option we are looking for. Thank you!


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Hi @Pleasehelpmee

I´m not an expert on this process but please see below and I don't think your boyfriend applies for a U or T visa. The options are very limited to be honest and there is very little to no chance on getting a Tourist Visa. Probably others can share their thoughts and for now the best if for you to travel to the U.K.

Waivers of Ineligibility

If you are ineligible for a visa based on one or more of the laws listed in Section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, you may be able to apply for a waiver. The visa category that you are applying for will determine whether a waiver of ineligibility is available. The consular officer interviewing you will tell you if you may apply for a waiver and will provide detailed instructions for how to apply.