Visa Query (AU / NZ) - Wish to relocate permanently


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Team - I am keen to apply for PR in Newzealand.

I am from India and i wish to relocate to AU or NZ.

On getting the NZ residency - Can i use the same doc for visiting AU and work in AU
If I have AU Permanent residency, can I use it to move to NZ and work there ?

I look forward to your best recommendations and suggestions

My apologies for my crudeness for being unable to frame the qn comprehensively.

~ MP


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As far as I understand, with permanent resident status or citizenship of either country, you will be able to live and work in either country. However, I think they made changes to the effect that NZ'landers cannot automatically access social welfare (Centrelink benefits) upon arriving in AUS. I guess that is a result of way too many of them abusing the generosity...
Not sure about the other way around.

Check out the Australian Department of Immigration website, by searching for anything relating to "New Zealand":