very weird situation about i-94. need suggestion please

i recently filed for spouse based i485 change of status. I hold canadian permanent resident card(NOT CANADIAN CITIZEN). i entered USA thru buffalo port by car. I had an interview with custom officer, he swiped my passport in his machine, took my picture and stamped entry on a white form/page which another officer collected from me while exiting the custom building. Custom officers were taking visa interview on some upper floor and were stamping on white paper which another officer was collecting at ground floor as a confirmation that we have been granted entry. I gave that white stamped paper to that officer on ground floor. I do not have any i-94 on my passport or online.Everything was a normal procedure to me, so i mentioned the same thing on adjustment of status application and i got my EAD, social security, travel document but my interview is still pending. I was just reading random post and checked that during interview USCIS officer collect i94 which i do not have. does it effect my application/interview in any way. Should i just simply wait for my interview as everything is going smooth so far and i mentioned the same real story on my immigration application. OR do i need to take any step now??? what do you recommend???


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You entered using a US visa? or using the Visa Waiver Program? You can check whether you have an electronic I-94. Just curious, if you do not have an I-94, what did you put for I-94 number on your I-130 and I-485 and I-765? Anyway, if you are adjusting status as the spouse of a US citizen, as long as you have proof that you entered legally (e.g. an entry stamp), that is enough.
my i94 is not present online. i never checked it before bcz according to me it was not a problem at all as i was stamped on white paper which another custom officer took away from me while i was exiting their building at the border. I wrote the same thing on my i131, i 485, travel document, EAD document about i-94 that i do not have it bcz crossed border by car. They have already aproved my EAD, travel document and social security card. Everything seems to go fine so far.Approval of EAD, social security and travel document without my i94 show that they might have accessed my entry through border??or its just a normal routine and they will ask more about it and cause trouble during my interview. I hold visitor b1/b2 visa which is valid till 2018. at border he took my interview, picture, fingerprint and then stamped on a white form/paper which another officer collected from me at ground level of building. i do not have any kind of stamp of this entry on my passport. so do not have anything to prove it until unless they use their own system to check my entry.


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Well, usually with a paper I-94, they take away the top part and give you the bottom stub. Are you saying that they accidentally took both parts?

It is possible to apply for a replacement I-94 or to make an FOIA request for CBP records of your entry. But I am not sure whether it's necessary to do that yet.
i think it was a single piece paper, not two parts and i do not know that it was i94 or simple form with entry stamp on it. Thing is that when i was crossing border, officer at port on the road asked me to park the car and go the immigration building for interview. I went their and took my interview . he also took picture, finger print and passport swiping. he then stamped on a white paper which said about admission. another officer at ground level took away that white paper with stamp from me. As far as i remember, i was not the only one giving away white stamped paper to him. other people exiting the same building after their interview approval were also giving their white stamped paper to that officer at the exit gate. I said the same thing on my immigration forms. I just wrote on my forms " i do not have i94 as i entered USA by car thru buffalo port". I also mentioned my visa number on my application.
My visitor visa b1/b2 is valid till 2018. Everything is legal so do not understand what to do. Do you think its a good idea to ask border guys to replace my i94 by checking their system. Only negative thing about this that it may delay my application further. May be USCIS interviewer do not ask me about i94 at all , or already have information about my entry thru their own system, or understand my logic of i94. I do not want to get in trouble of any kind
what do you suggest
i was not the only one giving away white stamped paper to the custom officer at the exit gate, everyone else was doing the same. They must know about this