Valid H1B: Cannot Issue ssn, DHS is unable to verify immigration document


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I have a valid work Auth (H1B) starting 1st Oct 2013 but my name on passport and I797/94 is reversed because of no last name on passport:


Given Name: XXXX YYYYY

Last Name/Surname: blank


Given Name: No Name Given

Last Name/Family Name: XXXX YYYYY

When I applied to social security card I was told by officer that this might take longer than expected because of the reversed name and will go to DHS.

After 2 weeks I get a letter saying we cannot issue you a social security card at this time because:

The Department of Homeland Security is unable to verify the immigration document you submitted as evidence of your lawful alien Status. You should contact that agency to clarify your current immigration status.

I am not sure what could the problem here, any help would be really appreciated.