V-visa renewal never processed


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I was trying to renew my v-visa back in April 2007. I sent the application to the Vermont service center as instructed but haven't heard anything for a month. So I called the USCIS and asked what was going on. The officer told me that the Vermont Service center was really backed up and I should wait for 45 days even for them to accept my application. And of course, 45 days passed and I still got nothing. I sent in a duplicate application just in case the first one got lost in the mail and got nothing again. Finally on June 10, I got a mail from the Vermont Service center saying that they no longer process this kind of application and I should send it to the Chicago Field Office. And so again, I sent out my application for the third time. It's almost been a month now and my application is still not being processed. I called the USCIS again. After being transferred to an immigration officer who doesn't even know what a V-visa is, I was told to wait for another two weeks. I then asked her how she came up with this two weeks wait and she just kept saying that's all the information she had and I then got hung up.

I am sorry that my story is so long. Having been dealt with the USCIS for the past six years, I know for fact that they are just going to ask me to send in another application again if I don't get anything after two weeks. Sending in the application for the fourth time is not a problem, but how many times do I have to send it before it get processed??? It's expiring in Oct 2007 and I need a valid v-visa to renew my EAD application too.

I am posting the thread here just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing OR if anyone has any suggestion what I can do. Thanks.


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V visa

Hello. Tell please who be, whether it is possible for us to submit on the visa V? I-130 it was sent in 2004 and will appropriate(give) the status F-2À. From the moment of submission has passed 3 years. Thank.:confused: