USCIS Video of Naturalization Interview and Test


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Did you guys notice one thing?

The dress code...... USCIS doesn't expect us to be wearing suit, just business casual is fine, not even a tie is required.....


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It's interesting. I expected the office to be more clinical (bright and with a lot of white, like a jail cell, hehe), but the setting seems nice and homely. Could it just have been so for the video? How similar to the actual process does the video come?


When I attended interview, the setting was same; except that my interviewer had chairs across table, against the wall and I was told to sit right where chairs were placed. Guess they are "streamlining" and "uniformizing" their offices.


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At the Boston office, the test happens in a cubicle, a really small cubicle. Then you are sent to a waiting room, and the AO then comes out and calls your name. You walk down a very narrow corridor, and go into a nice office (windows in the back--a big thing in the corporate world) for the interview.


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The video they put on USCIS web site is pretty close to what I experienced at my interview. The only difference will be in how much details an IO will go over N-400 - an experienced one will probably ask fewer questions summarising the entire blocks of N-400 whilst the newbie will ask every line of N-400. I was lucky because my interviewer was an experienced one, so we were done with the application part quite quickly and painlessly.


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Yeah but they ask him more than 6 questions. And LOOK at how he's dressed! Hehe. I just didn't think CIS would allow a camera in the interviewing room, but the papers the IO has seem real. The things CIS will do for celebrities, eh? Maybe it was seen as good publicity for the process and for CIS in general. The IO was decent looking :)


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In Ferguson's video there are two questions which are not from 100 list. Where is the white house ? Who wrote national anthem?

it looks real but not sure where these two question came from ?