USCIS Processing Dates Freezing?

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by akuri, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. akuri

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    I submitted an I-130 for 2B category in 2003, it has a Receipt Notice Date of August 21, 2003. I lived in FL, so the application was sent to the Texas Service Center. Since then, I have been checking the USCIS case status site regularly. The processing date for my category has showed little or no progress at all. Last year, I decided to jot down the date and keep track of its progress. To my surprise, it's been almost a year now, and the date for the Texas center has no progress at all, while California, Vermont and Nebraska has moved on quite a lot:

    Texas Service Center:
    August 14, 2005 Status: Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of January 4, 1999
    September 21, 2005 Status: Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of January 4, 1999
    November 3, 2005 Status: Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of January 4, 1999
    July 9, 2006 Status: Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of January 4, 1999

    Also, today when I checked the Nebraska site, the I-130 category was missing from the progress page.

    1) USCIS mentioned on its Web site that the info displayed is concurrent with their records. I really doubt so, if it really is, then why California is now at 2/7/05 and Vermont is now at 2/12/06 but Texas is only at 1/4/99 ??
    2) USCIS said they process Form I-130 as the Visa Numbers become available. Does it mean diff centers get diff "quota" of Visa Numbers? If not, how could one center processes so much faster than the others?

    Any idea? :confused:

    BTW, their 800 number is really useless, the rep will just repeat those info u can find on their Web site, if you ask for more detail, they will "robotically" repeat the same sentence again and again, so funny :rolleyes: I woud rather she told me frankily that she didn't know......
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    yes, texas is a mess. i was told when i put my i-130 that that i could have send it to vermont or texas (was in NY, but mother in FL) and i sent it to texas. big mistake. my mother became citizen and it was taken out of texas and put in CA. now is approved.

    and yes, the 1800 people are useless for the most part. most just repeat dates. once i did get a person that knew about texas and told me that they are working on it. my best guess is to call back and tell them about texas and have them tell their supervisor. perhaps when enough peopel syai something, they will act.
  3. akuri

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    Thanx for your reply. Hope you can help answer a few questions:
    1) Did you hire a lawyer to file the petition?
    2) Have you received your GC yet? Or, you are still waiting for a Visa Number available?
    3) If you haven't received your GC, by "approved", does it mean you can legally stay in the US till u got your GC?
    4) Would you please tell me how to transfer the petition from Texas to other service centers? Is it complicated? My bro lives in CA, perhaps I can use his address.


    I got so confused about the USCIS's statement that they process Form I-130 as the Visa Numbers become available. Do they give each centers diff "quota" of Visa Numbers, i.e., Vermont gets 10000, Texas gets 2500? If not, how could one center processes so much faster than the others? I paid $100 to meet with a lawyer for consultation, she spent 15 min with me to go over the petition I submitted to Texas, and said nothing she can do to make it faster! [ sob sob.... ]

    Anyone knows why the processing dates are so different?
  4. TheInquisitor

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    no lawyer. used a person that knows about the system, but isn't a lawyer. when my mother became a citizen we upgarded the petition. because the dates were right in my favor, they took action. and sinc elike CA is like faster, they did it there.

    ask your lawyer if you can transfer the petition since your brother is there. but is this petition via your brother? so my visa date was current so i sent in petition. just putting i-485 and we take from there.
  5. akuri

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    Wow...... if only I knew someone who knows about the system..... I didn't get a lawyer, the I-130 form was so simple, I thought I can manage the whole process myself. The $100 was just for a consultation -- I decided to seek legal advice when I started to get confused after waiting for years without any progress since I got the Receipt Number... That's a fast burn of $100 for 15 min [sob sob]

    May I ask:
    1) What was your category, was it 2A or 2B, before u upgrade it to Category 1?
    2) When did u first file for Category 2 petition? -- this will sure help me plan my stay here.

    My dad filed the petition for me, he lives with me and my bro in turn when he's in the states, but still spend most of his time in Asia. His residency is declared in FL (FL ID), may be if he changes it and get a CA ID, then I can have the petition transfer there......

    Thanx a lot for answering my Q, it really ease my USCIS anxiety :p
  6. TheInquisitor

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    it only went to CA because they felt it was the best place. i guess it could have gone to vermont had vermont been better and faster. don't know if one could transfer the petition. right now focus on your dad becoming citizen. you might jump like two years just on that. my petition went in on march 2001 and my category was 2b. so my application jump two years and went from 2b to 1. and then you have to worry about the visa pds.

    is possible to get approval and then have to wait years for a visa to come to you. and then you think you just have to wait for the dates to get to yours. and for some retro kicks in and they have to wait even longer.

    for the forum, does anyone know if one could transfer service centers just by asking?
  7. karemo1122

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    I'm an unmarried son of permanent resident over 21 form I-130 and it was introduced to nebraska service center in 12 oct 2002.
    and after waitting all that time to join my family in US it was transfered to california service center i want to ask about these things:
    1-what is going to happend after that ?
    2-when it will be able for me to stay with my family in US?
    3-what is the use of cut-off dates for my case?

    please anyone answer my questions :confused: :confused:
  8. TheInquisitor

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    so i take it you are outside the country. the decision will come in days or you may have to wait like six months or even 9000 to 999 days. after approval, you must then wait for visa PD. they retro back to 2000, so you at about 1 year or two from coming even if you gett he letter tomorrow.
  9. karemo1122

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    you are right, they write that in my case from month but now they write:
    On April 11, 2006, your I130 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE, FIANCE(E), OR ORPHAN was received here for processing. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. Follow the the link below for current processing dates

    -what will happend after that?
    -the cut-off dates in my case is aug1996 what that mean???????

    need answers
  10. TheInquisitor

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    okay, call immigration in a week or so. let's see if you anything. also, create a case profile and try to get emails updates.

    so, you put in on 8/12/2002 and they are dealing with cases prior to 2/7/05. clearly they are behind more than 30 days. so i take it you aren't from the philippines or mexico. even if you get approval tomorrow, you must wait another six years to get visa. that is assuming it takes that long. they might jump five years in a couple months to stay stuck in 1996 for another four years. be thankful you aren't mexican. you would otherwise have wait 11 years.

    welcome to step two. welcome to retrogression and priority dates.
  11. akuri

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    I remember the filing rule is u have to file based on the residency state of the petitioner (the sponsor). The question is how do they know where your residency is? If they base it on the mailing address, well then, it's easy to work around, haha :p

    Thank you "TheInquisitor", seems like I still have to wait for at least 3 more years before my case is up for processing -- if I am lucky, and may be more waiting for a visa number to become available. Now the decision to make is whether to stay in the states or go back to my birth country after my EAD is exp........

    I'll come back to share my experience if there's progress and the info is useful to this forum. Again, thanx for sharing and CONGRATULATION!!!
  12. karemo1122

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    thank you for answring my questions.
    I'm already have an account at uscis .
    will i wait for 6 years :confused: :confused: (I'm from Egypt)?
    can they jump jump five years in a couple months(hope so)?
    but i don't think that it hapened before :confused:

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