USCIS PO BOX and US Postal Office - Info (especially TSC)


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I don't know how much of peace of mind can bring this to y'all or if you knew about this before, good for you...but I did not until now.

For the ones who send a package to a USCIS via USPS with tracking system, USCIS pick their mail once or several times a day on their PO BOX(es) depending on the Service Center.

For Texas, who is the one I was able to contact and it's the one I have to go...when your package arrived there, they pick their mail ONLY from 5am-6am. So everything that gets there the day before will get pick up at that time frame (Mon-Fri), but once a day. Whatever thing that arrives after 6am, will be pick it up the next day. So bad that the main USCIS is not willing to explain this at all.

So when they said that a "notice was left", they will pick it up the next business day. That's why in one post (I think was Citizenship) they said that the package was picked up at 5.15am.

So, for TSC unless your package arrived between 5-6am is not worth to spend much money to get there at noon. Would be better to check out with USPS the best time available and less costly to send your package.

I don't know how is in the other centers...but in whatever case you can call USPS when you want to track your package, when you finish, press 0 and speak with a customer service (avoid the privacy act stuff), explain your case and see if they can tell you the direct phone number of the postal office that is in charge of the zip code of your package.

Good luck everyone.