USCIS I-129 Trends of Initial Approval/Denials, Rates of RFEs, Approval Rates After RFEs for TN


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Interesting data, see page 9 of this document,

For I-129 submitted by mail to USCIS for TN status
FY2015, 95.1% initial approved, 74.8% approved after RFE
FY2016, 90.7% initial approved, 64.2% approved after RFE
FY2017, 91.6% initial approved, 64.7% approved after RFE
FY2018, 88.2% initial approved, 59.9% approved after RFE
FY2019, 88.4% initial approved, 57.6% approved after RFE (Oct'18 to March'19, FY2019 so far)

Although the trend is going down, it is not that bad. If you have a strong petition, meeting all the criteria of TN status, you will get approved by mail with form I-129


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Not that bad!? One now has 3 times more likelihood to be rejected when applying for a work status. Let us know how "not that bad" it is when your next one is rejected, Amber>
I was thinking the increase in denial was due to increased focus on the Management Consultant category and other marginal petitions. If you have strong petition you should be fine.

BTW, I did go through a visa denial, it was an H1B denial, and I fully agree it was NO FUN. For four months I was in US on TN status while my H1B was filed for MTR (motion to reconsider), that was the worse four months of "non-immigrant" status in the US. I could not make any long term plans. But I did make to the finish line and now a GC holder.