Uscis denied extension on account of missed biometric appointment , parents already left


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My in laws were visiting us from Jan 2020 of last year. They were in US on a B2 visa, Because there was a pandemic and ban on travel, we applied for an extension of status.

USCIS sent us a biometric notice on September second week, Since we were relocating from state of MD to PA during this time, we replied back to this biometrics appointment that it be rescheduled.

This was sent to USCIS on a USPS post with tracking(I do not have a tracking number though).

We never received further communication from USCIS and multiple attempts to contact them on their phone number was unsuccessful, It always routed to Bots answering machine.

Change of address was also promptly raised with the USCIS on the same day of relocation.

My in laws left the country on December 26th when it was safe to travel, USCIS has now sent a denial on the application for failure to appear to biometric.

I think this automatically cancels their B2 visa for illegal stay.

We need your legal advice on the right way to file a motion on this decision.

The denial letter sent by uscis states that you failed to appear for biometric appointment, and there is no record on file to indicate that the appointment was rescheduled,